Lab Write-Up How To

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How to Use the Lab Writeups


Read the writeups before coming to lecture.  The labs are divided into four sections: the Pre-lab questions, Background, In the Lab, and Analysis.  Not all labs have all sections.  Be sure you understand the background material and have answered all the pre-lab questions before you come to class.  The Analysis questions can be answered at home after you finish the labs.  Ask questions if you are confused…electronics is a difficult subject that is new to most students.  Don’t be dismayed if some of the other students seem to be faster than you; probably they just have some previous experience.


The writeups are available from the assignments tab above.


Circuit schematics and some analysis programs can also be downloaded from the site.


The lab writeups are not intended to be used on their own.  Make sure you read the assigned text reading.


image009.gif Means do this before you come to the Physics Instrumentation Lab.
image016.jpg This means that you have to have the results of the indicated problem checked and signed off by a T.A. or professor
computer.png Indicates that the adjacent schematic has a Multisim model.
Denotes an extra credit problem.