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University of California at Berkeley

Donald Orlando,  Research Engineer 3

Physics Department

282E LeConte Hall

Berkeley, CA 94720-7300

Office: 510-642-5328

Cell: 510-915-9795


Don's Information Page (Changing all the time)


In 1946, its origin shrouded in mystery, a small bakelite life-craft bearing the enigmatic moniker "SS OpAmpia" washed-up on the shores of Longbeach, California. The kindly old Orlando couple discovered the weather-beaten capsule and within it, a small child wrapped in strange blue swaddling bearing unfamiliar advanced schematic symbols. They adopted the child as their own, naming him Donald. They always wanted a child and it was as though GOD sent this babe to them.

Very quickly it was obvious that the babe possessed great powers unlike other children: Broken electrical devices miraculously repaired themselves in his presence. At the age of two, he fashioned semi-conductor devices out of dental-floss and the lint he found under the living-room sofa. Using his bottle, he could sputter micron-thin layers of doping onto silicon wafers of his own pediatric design. As he grew older, his parents counseled him to keep his great powers a secret and to use them only for the benefit of mankind. They seem to be GOD like.

Taking his parents advice he guards and nourishes the 111-Lab, training the future physicists of the world in the Zen-like art of electronic and experimental techniques. He is ever-vigilant to the safety and professional destiny of his students. The students today have found that Don just being in the 111-Lab causes experiments to work. Strong in spirit, mellifluously intoned, flawless in character, his only mistake has been to permit, uncensored, Damon to write his home page.

Don has now added 6 new children to his life with his beautiful wife Rendy.

(6-21 years old)  also a Son grown up

How Don's rice-krispies see him.